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Accumulating miscommunication
He should bow his head in shame! 
6th-May-2010 04:39 pm
Because I if I don't write these down I will never write them and I would at least like to turn the chances in my favor.

Stuff I want to write before the writing part of my brain becomes completely defunct:
- An Adrian character study with overblown metaphors and allusions to Alexander the Great (research Alexander, Greece, Egypt, paradoxes, Other Smart Things)
- Comedian doing work for the government ('knocking over Marxist republics in South America,' the Israeli hostage situation, Woodward and Bernstein? Anything, anything. Research proper time/places, weapons, war strategy.)
- Dan watching Rorschach lose his mind from '70-'77. (Research PTSD, for god's sake)
- Laurie's identity crisis and/or something that DOESN'T kill her/hurt her/attach her to Rorschach's penis.
- Comedian not able to get it up in front of Dan.
- Something something something

My writing game is so off right now it's painful, and I can't even think about writing Avatar fic, so I don't have a more forgiving venue to put my weirdness into.
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